What is Porcelain Painting?

Porcelain painting, als known as china painting or over glaze painting is the process of applying mineral pigments, blended with flux, which have been mixed with oils, to the glazed surface of porcelain.  After the porcelain has been painted, it is fired in a high temperature oven called a kiln.  To complete a piece, the porcelain is usually painted and fired many times.  Once fired, the painting is permanent.

Many museums throughout the world have fine collections of both modern and antique porcelain art.  “Throughout history, the art of Porcelain Painting has provided a medium for the preservation of history and culture, and further has been recognized as a fine art by all of the world’s great civilizations.”  (From a Joint Resolution of the U.S. 96th Congress, 1980.)

The art was temporarily “dying out” but has made a wonderful resurgence and is being enjoyed as a hobby and also as a business in recent times.  It is extremely popular because it does offer an unusual range of creative possibilities, from dinnerware to personalized gifts.