Midge Amos – Mechanicsville, Virginia

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Midge Amos

Under the tutelage of two local teachers of china painting, Midge learned the basics of painting on porcelain and firing the kiln. With the accumulation of her work, the need became apparent to move it in order to paint more and hence, grow in the knowledge of the principals of art as well as the techniques of her art form.

Midge’s association with the World Organization of China Painters opened doors to a worldwide network of artists with many different views on painting porcelain. Always studying with leading teachers, learning new techniques, has kept Midge’s work fresh while retaining the age-old procedures that make painting on porcelain a prized commodity today.

Seminars with leading artists in the US and from abroad stretched Midge’s visions. Her talent is not natural but through education of art principles, including color and design, she has achieved success.

Colleagues at work expressed the desire to own a piece of her signed work. Thus, Midge began to sell her finished wares at small local arts and crafts shows on weekends. Her talent grew as did the commissions, and about 1990, the decision to trade her steno pad and typewriter for brushes and paint was made.

Midge sells her work at art festivals and craft fairs. She has a following of customers who seek her out at shows with their desire to have a piece custom painted.

When beginning a new piece, Midge will gather pictures of her subject for inspiration. In particular, she refers to photos she has taken to be sure the subject is properly constructed.

Midge now teaches each Tuesday at Pine Camp Community Art Center in Richmond between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Classes at other times can be arranged.