World Organization of China Painters Show

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21st Biennial Convention and Show

September 29 – 30, 2017

“Celebrate Our Heritage”

Fredericksburg Hospitality House

2801 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA

(540) 786-8321

To all interested in attending a world wide porcelain art event . . . .

We cordially invite you to be part of the World Organization of China Painter’s (WOCP) 21st Biennial Convention and Show,  “Celebrate Our Heritage”.  The Convention and Show will be held in the historic city of Fredericksburg, VA at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House Conference Center, September 29 – 30, 2017.  As we Celebrate Our Heritage, we will learn share more about our heritages with each other as well as our love of wonderful art in all medias.

The World Show is where our WOCP Worldwide members are invited and encouraged to exhibit their heritage, traditions and art.  There will be our art competitions, exhibition of all the state displays, an art auction, dinner meals, International Luncheon, a Colonial high Tea and a large dealer showroom of the world’s best dealers of china, paints, instructions and supplies from around the world.

The show begins on September 24 – 28 with Paint-in’s.

Paint – In’s with International artists in 1, 2 and 3 day workshops – We are currently recruiting famous porcelain artists from around the world and “Celebrating Our Heritage with our international members and artists.  This is your opportunity to take classes from artists from around the world in various art medias.

Tours –  Sightseeing tours for attendees, family members and artists throughout the convention.

Convention Show & Sale – Grand Opening for Convention, WOCP International Business meeting with all representatives, classes and demonstrations.  There will be a special displays of state entries and international displays of art work, an International Luncheon and Colonial High Tea are added as special ticketed fun events. Included in the hospitality package will be 3 seated meals provided with special entertainment each night Celebrating Our Heritage.

Join us at the award winning Fredericksburg Hospitality House in Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA!

Convention President:  Judy E. Kamerer – (703) 967-5342 or

Convention Vice President & Tour Chair:  Cathy Aldous – (540) 898-8676 or

Convention Secretary:  Midge Amos – (804) 746-0575 or

Convention Treasurer:  Trish Vermillion, Treasurer – (540) 710-8889 or

Booth Chairman:  Dell M. Ballard – (803) 279-4524 or

Hospitality Package:  Suzanne Painter – (706) 495-6724 or  

Convention Auction Chairman:  Victoria George Tillow –

Additional Convention Information (703) 967-5342, Judy E. Kamerer,

WOCP World  Website: