Patricia (Trish) Vermillion – Fredericksburg, VA

Vermillion Portrait Med





Meet Trish Vermillion – talented artist and wonderful, creative and energetic china painter.  Formerly a glass artist, Trish has developed her own style as a talented china painter.  Trish has studied with Jane Marcks, Petra Kugglemeir, Rose Borges, Jorge Kugglemeir, Filipe Pereira, Patrizia Aviera, Tatiana Dallest-Aggoritsas, Mary Gosden, Doris Ackilli, Mariella, Joyce Taylor, Letha Sanderson, Kirsten Bradley and Shirley Decker.  As you can see from her teachers, she favors miniatures and portraits of any  kind.

As well as enjoying china painting, Trish is Vice President of the Old Dominion China Painters Club and state treasurer for the VAWOCP organization.

As seen below, she enjoys portraits of people as well as animals.  Her love for art is seen with each of her paintings.  She can be reached at for information for classes or joining our local china painting painting sessions or seminars.














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2014 Brown Spaniel Dog